Pinatubo Crater: The Beautiful By-product of a Disaster

Time. The ultimate con-artist. It can show you a paradise as if it wasn’t molded by a deadly catastrophe.

The stunning landscape of Mount Pinatubo crater was formed by a major eruption in 1991. This event claimed hundreds of lives and left thousands of Filipinos homeless.

Fast forward to 2017, it’s now one of the main tourist destinations in Central Luzon which attracts hundred thousands of visitors each year which created jobs and livelihood for significant number of locals.

My city is 3 hours away from here and I do wonder why it took me this long to do this trek. If it wasn’t for my friend from Austria, I don’t think I would consider coming here anytime soon. Probably because I thought it’s just 3 hours away that I thought I could go anytime, or maybe I was subconsciously thinking it could be one of the tourist traps that I shouldn’t bother.

Boy I was wrong. I was stunned how marvelous the sceneries were and how different the landscapes compared to other places in the Philippines. It would’ve been a shame for me to miss this, considering I’d been to farther destinations overseas.

I particularly enjoyed the rough ride in a sandy plain while riding on a 4WD. We were allowed to stand up for a better view and better shots and we did! It’s interesting to think that all these white sand were once expelled by a gigantic mountain. All because of extreme pressure from the Earth’s outer core.

It was an easy trek. Not very challenging, but who needs a challenge when you get to naturegasm on hike? We walked through sandy and rocky paths, crossed few streams with noticeable abundance of sulfur, and after about 45 minutes, we reached the crater.

Once again I was reminded how fantastic it is to be alive and experience nature at its finest. The sight of the massive picturesque lake, the harmony of cool breeze and warm sunlight, the fine blue sky and the scenic mountains – it was almost paradise. It would’ve been a perfect spot to build my ideal home. If not for he fact that there’s a ton of lava trying to pierce through the thin crust which can turn anyone into ashes in few seconds.

Building a house won’t be happening, but right now I can chill and ponder on the glorious view created by a major disaster that created sufferings to Filipino locals not very long ago.

Time. The ultimate con-artist. It can show you a paradise as if it wasn’t molded by a deadly catastrophe.

Locale: Tarlac/Zambales
Country: Philippines
Year: 2017
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