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I don’t usually inflict my opinion to the world. But when I do, I write whole articles about it.

This would be a section for my freedom to write whatever the hell I want. I created a space for the scattered thoughts that won’t fit the other categories in this site.

I welcome suggestions, scrutiny, rational disagreements, and constructive criticisms; but I would appreciate if people could refrain from fallacious arguments.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” ― Carl Sagan

Oasis of the Restless Mind

I was going through my notes from years back and I found this personal essay which captured my strange reaction to a photo posted by a friend. I have no idea why I was referring to myself as a third person then... He posted a photo of him. There are tear stains in both of his eyes and he's half
Two years... I neglected this space for almost two years and today I'm trying to understand why. Yes, there had been some drastic changes in my personal life lately but that doesn't mean I'm too busy to sit still and share my thoughts and tales to everyone and to no one, like I used to do before. I blame most
  We once tried to save a turtle in Thailand. A country where serving turtle soup in a dinner table as a local delicacy is a norm. And until now I'm still wondering if we did the right thing. We were in a train heading to Bangkok with lots of local people from the countryside. It was an interesting atmosphere.
FROM BIRTH, we've been CONSTANTLY TRAVELING with the rotation of the Earth at 1,000mph; revolving around the sun at 66,000mph; being dragged along by the solar system at 43,000mph; orbiting the galaxy at 483,000mph; moving across the cosmos... We were NEVER at the same place in the universe TWICE. We keep traveling, we keep wandering. We TELL stories. The tears on

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