Classic Tales


Every photo is a storyteller. Some give a lot more details than the others.

Some need more than just pixels to draw out the actual intensity of its vibrant colours.

Some photos need words.

This section is a personal selection of the more interesting captures I’ve made. Each snapshot includes a short story. An explanation, a thought, a memory that’s triggered by a collection of pixels that I’ve managed to save from my past escapades.

They will be mostly factual, a glimpse of the moment when the shot was taken, but there might be some fictional shorts. At least, I hope there will be, if I ever learn to write decently.

   Tales Behind the Pixels

I was going through my notes from years back and I found this personal essay which captured my strange reaction to a photo posted by a friend. I have no idea why I was referring to myself as a third person then... He posted a photo of him. There are tear stains in both of his eyes and he's half
Earlier you've talked about that incident 13 years ago when we woke up and saw both you and papa covered in blood. Unlike papa who didn't wake up until the third day, you were conscious when we brought you to the local hospital. Blood was dripping out of the three deep wounds on your face and you started uttering some
Time. The ultimate con-artist. It can show you a paradise as if it wasn't molded by a deadly catastrophe. The stunning landscape of Mount Pinatubo crater was formed by a major eruption in 1991. This event claimed hundreds of lives and left thousands of Filipinos homeless. Fast forward to 2017, it's now one of the main tourist destinations in Central
  We once tried to save a turtle in Thailand. A country where serving turtle soup in a dinner table as a local delicacy is a norm. And until now I'm still wondering if we did the right thing. We were in a train heading to Bangkok with lots of local people from the countryside. It was an interesting atmosphere.
  There was a time when I was obsessed with catching fishes using my bare hands. This is about the time when I first caught a pufferfish. I was around 7 years old when my hobby and obsession was catching poor small fishes swimming around the cemented walls of the main river in my hometown. I gained expertise in knowing
I'm not really the fashionable type. If you catch me wearing some terrible #ootd picks and combinations, you can always blame my horrible taste in clothing and I wouldn't have the guts to disagree with your harsh criticism because chances are, you're right. But there was a time when I badly needed a fashion police to arrest me for flaunting
  Every budget traveler has been torn on whether he will spend an extra dollar/s for inessential things during travel. Extra costs such as souvenirs, added convenience to the cheapest transportation option, a dinner in a highly recommended local restaurant or whatnot. In my case, while walking around the temples of Angkor Wat, I decided to pass on a photo
It was a simple structure made of bamboo poles lying on top of the lake. Its silhouette and reflection in the water accents the scenic view of a calm and peaceful dusk in a countryside. For a moment, I wondered about its purpose. It must be for fishing, I thought. Maybe they tie fishnets in it for a more efficient

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