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Welcome fellow unprivileged homo sapiens from the third world!

Life isn’t fair and so what? Whining about it won’t make any difference.

Life isn’t fair BUT it has endless possibilities.

So how about we unite and find ways to break our boundaries, and challenge the borders that are getting in a way of our hopes and dreams?

I’m Maine, a struggling MIDDLE CLASS MORTAL from a developing nation who wants to circumnavigate the Earth over and over, tracing as much latitude and longitude as I can.


   Middle Class Mortal

For us, third world citizens, getting a visa to visit first world countries could be a tedious process. We hope, by simply searching the visa requirements via Google, we will instantly know what to do and what we need. But upon doing so, it turns out some information I found was not a hundred percent correct. For instance, where to
If you're a freelancer and planning to visit Japan soon, it may be comforting to know that your requirements and chances aren't really that different from an employed visa applicant. Although the news about visa-free pass to Japan that circulated few years ago wasn't true, the Japanese government did announce that they were relaxing their visa application requirements for Filipinos.
If you think traveling to Japan is expensive, you are absolutely right. But can a backpacker on a tight budget hack the average travel spending in Tokyo? The answer is YES! Tokyo is one of my favourite cities. It's a vibrant metropolis packed with hundreds of things to do for travelers and locals ranging from interesting to suuuper weird. During

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