Wanderer's Tales from Japan

Hello, I’m Maine!

An Earthling, Asian, Filipina, a female homo sapiens, a temporary resident of Cosmos who takes pleasure in wandering around her native planet… one jumpshot at a time.

I love TRAVELING and taking PHOTOS. I enjoy immortalizing my travel experiences through thousands of shutter clicks behind the lens of my camera.

In some days, I’m a boring accountant; other days I’m writing on this blog or editing photos; some glorious days, I’m on a train, on a plane, on the road, in a corner of a foreign land eating some local street food with a  sweet smile and a satisfied belly.

Obviously, my Philippine passport is NOT the most convenient pass to go across borders, but that makes travel even more challenging and exciting 🙂

My first ever international trip includes 4 countries in 6 days — Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. I was too excited and wanted to collect passport stamps! I spent only 25,000Php ($540) for the trip, including airfare.

Turned out, THAT adventurous Indochina hopping is a brilliant idea for first-time travelers like me. It opened doors in my tiny little universe and exposed my senses to the wonders of different worlds outside the borders of my motherland. From then, my tiny universe just kept expanding…

My Spot in the Pale Blue Dot

Forged under the tropical sun, sharpened by Pacific typhoons, spoiled by exquisite beaches and luscious mountains; The Philippines is not only my homeland, it’s where my roots were buried and where my leaves first flourished. It was once my ONLY world.

Now I’m expanding my horizons… all the way to The Netherlands.

I recently left the comforts of the tropics to Go Dutch. The first few months was a rollercoaster journey through steep learning curves and extreme adjustments to the new environment. It was exciting, exhausting, and lots of first time experiences and discoveries! These days, I’m able to relax and look forward to exploring the other side of the Pale Blue Dot.

I Come in Peace!

The EARTH is a tiny pebble in the cosmic ocean of the observable universe.

This small floating space rock is the only place I can explore and yet my lifetime wouldn’t be enough to cover everything; because I’m obviously infinitesimally smaller compared to the scale of the Earth.

There is so much more in this organic spaceship. The third planet from the Sun with seven continents, dozens of religions, hundreds of nations, thousand years of recorded history, million miles of imaginary geographic borders.

With that being said, I aim to maximize my chances to explore this world— because… why not?

Why Wanderer’s Tales?

I was inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a science documentary that literally changed my life. Its 6th episode “Travellers’ Tales” explores the long history of humans to travel and challenge the world of the unknown; to seek new knowledge about our existence, the world, and the universe.

Hence, Wanderer’s Tales aims to provide stories and information that would ignite the readers’ urge to explore and know a little bit more about this tiny spec of Cosmic dust we are living in…  and beyond.

“The more you learn about other worlds, the better we know our own.”

wanderer's tales from Japan

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