Thoughts of A 28-year-old Unmarried Woman Living in the 21st Century

I was going through my notes from years back and I found this personal essay which captured my strange reaction to a photo posted by a friend. I have no idea why I was referring to myself as a third person then…

He posted a photo of him.

There are tear stains in both of his eyes and he’s half naked, mostly because the other half couldn’t be seen. His mouth is open but he looks peaceful and silent. It’s his first post for his…

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The Tropical Creature’s First Snow

For a warm-blooded mammal who has been been spoiled by sunshine and summer heat in a tropical archipelago, winter is a fairy tale.

As a tropical creature, I’ve always wondered how it would feel to see a snowflake, to be surrounded by bright piles of solidified liquid from the sky, to watch all those tiny dandruff-like stuff fall into someone else’s shoulders. It must be magical.

Finally… one day… I stopped wondering.

It was a relaxed morning in Groningen. My body clock hasn’t adjusted to the time zone yet so I woke up way earlier than Maui. It was still too dark…

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