Thoughts of A 28-year-old Unmarried Woman Living in the 21st Century

I was going through my notes from years back and I found this personal essay which captured my strange reaction to a photo posted by a friend. I have no idea why I was referring to myself as a third person then…

He posted a photo of him.

There are tear stains in both of his eyes and he’s half naked, mostly because the other half couldn’t be seen. His mouth is open but he looks peaceful and silent. It’s his first post for his…

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Bolivia Uyuni Day 3: Chile from Afar and The Llama Sanctuary

A Long Stretch Back to Uyuni

After using and abusing my body with sleepless nights, impromptu hikes, all-day activities, and juggling with altitudes, time zones, and temperature, it finally decided to take its revenge on the third day of Uyuni tour. After barely having a night rest, at 4,500 meters above sea level and -15 degrees morning temperature, I was feeling shit. Nausea, fever, and headache, all while feeling cold and weak. 

I asked a more comfortable…

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Bolivia Uyuni Day 2: Andean Lagoons, Desert Foxes and Flamingos

What better way to start a day than a good breakfast and lively conversations with a group of people from diverse backgrounds almost unanimously hating on cilantro 🙂

We ended up talking about the types of herbs we didn’t like which seemed to trigger our local guide. I guess for him we probably looked like a bunch of spoiled privileged tourists who never gone through a phase in their lives when there’s no option to choose what food will be served on their plates.

In one way I understood where he was…

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Mother Nature Must’ve Spent a Little More Time in Bolivia

A little more time in Bolivia

At 4,000 meters above sea level, we vulnerable humans are at disadvantage, and so as most living creatures thriving in the lowlands. This makes the road trip across the Bolivian peaks feel like an adventure in another realm.

I can’t remember how many times I played with the thought that this must be how it’s like in the distant past on Mars, or somewhere at present in another habitable planet inside another galaxy far far away.  

Before coming to South America, I only knew Bolivia for Salar de Uyuni, the world’s…

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To Mama

Earlier you’ve talked about that incident 13 years ago when we woke up and saw both you and papa covered in blood.

Unlike papa who didn’t wake up until the third day, you were conscious when we brought you to the local hospital. Blood was dripping out of the three deep wounds on your face and you started uttering some words of goodbyes to me. Somehow, the words that came out of my mouth then were:

“You’re not gonna die Ma, I…

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South America: Our Fantastic Itinerary That I Wouldn’t Dare to Recommend

17 days, 7 flights, 5 night buses, 3 countries, 2 women, 1 continent. WTF were we thinking?!

I can explain.

You see, somewhere in South America is the antipode of The Philippines where I was born, raised and grew my horns. So if you dig a hole in Manila that passes through the Earth’s core, you might end up somewhere in Brazil. Which means for Filipinos that’s where the edge of the world lies. Which also means a return ticket would be around the price of…

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A Wanderer with Scattered Tales

Two years…

I neglected this space for almost two years and today I’m trying to understand why.

Yes, there had been some drastic changes in my personal life lately but that doesn’t mean I’m too busy to sit still and share my thoughts and tales to everyone and to no one, like I used to do before.

I blame most of it on my regular conversations with Maui. For the past four years I’ve spent thousands of hours talking to him that…

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A Perfect Day in Giethoorn


Expectations are almost always different from reality. It applies to nearly every aspect of life, especially during travels.

I love fantasizing about the places I’m going to, months before the actual date of departure. I usually spend hours and hours wandering around the spots in my itinerary without moving away from my doorstep.

My imagination goes wild daydreaming about the possible encounters and experiences I will have. But when the day of actual traveling arrives, the places and the atmosphere are usually not how I imagined them to be. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. It’s just my expectations have always been…

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Maximize and Goodbyes: Tot Ziens, Philippines!

So how would you feel if you’ve learned that you have three months to live — in your home country?

Relief. Ecstatic. Panic.

I started listing all the things* I will miss!

Spontaneous weekends with tantanmen ramen, movie theater evenings with sour cream double butter popcorn, salted caramel ice cream, double cheese milkshake, walnut crumble apple pie, crispy fried wings with garlic parmesan, sweetened avocado, ube halaya, buko shake, buko salad, munggo with malungay and chicharon, lechon kawali, hainanese chicken with unlimited rice, lechon belly. I can add more, but you get my point.

  • I guess I meant food that I’ll…

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Pinatubo Crater: The Beautiful By-product of a Disaster

Time. The ultimate con-artist. It can show you a paradise as if it wasn’t molded by a deadly catastrophe.

The stunning landscape of Mount Pinatubo crater was formed by a major eruption in 1991. This event claimed hundreds of lives and left thousands of Filipinos homeless.

Fast forward to 2017, it’s now one of the main tourist destinations in Central Luzon which attracts hundred thousands of visitors each year which created jobs and livelihood for significant number of locals.

My city is 3 hours away from here and I do wonder why it took me this long to do this trek. If…

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