Schengen Visa for Filipinos

For us, third world citizens, getting a visa to visit first world countries could be a tedious process.

We hope, by simply searching the visa requirements via Google, we will instantly know what to do and what we need. But upon doing so, it turns out some information I found was not a hundred percent correct. For instance, where to get legit medical travel insurance, as well as legit flights reservation online. Some blogs will lead you from one link to another with irrelevant content. It is infuriating….

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4 Places in Sagada I’ll Never Ever Forget

“Happiness only real when shared” – Christopher McCandless

Indeed. More so if you’re sharing that happiness with a group of jolliest people in one of the most beautiful places you know. I invite myself into a package tour (haha) as I really want to visit Sagada. No regrets. Why? Then continue reading this.


If there’s anything that occupied my mind while walking in Marlboro Hills, that would be this, “I wonder why the hills/town called…

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