A Wanderer with Scattered Tales

Two years…

I neglected this space for almost two years and today I’m trying to understand why.

Yes, there had been some drastic changes in my personal life lately but that doesn’t mean I’m too busy to sit still and share my thoughts and tales to everyone and to no one, like I used to do before.

I blame most of it on my regular conversations with Maui. For the past four years I’ve spent thousands of hours talking to him that my thought process became faster because there’s always an immediate person to listen.

This made me impatient.

That’s because the process of expressing my thoughts through writing takes a lot more time than simply verbalizing them. Not just the span of time when the thought travels from my brain cells to the tip of my fingers to the words in my screen – but also the time it takes to weave the scattered thoughts together and put them in a paragraph that makes sense.

I miss this. Trying to pick up my scattered thoughts and arrange them in this tiny space; a space I created for my memories, ideas, experiences, and pretty much anything that I’m emotionally invested in. I do have social network accounts, but in here I have more freedom.

Damn right ladies and gents, I’m back to abuse this freedom!

That’s all for now. The travel and migration/integration updates will hopefully come way sooner than another two years. Maybe in two week 😉 Tot ziens!