Traveling is not only having amazing experiences and wonderful memories.

For me, it opens doors so I can see that there’s so much more beyond the world I thought I already know.

It breaks barriers so I can learn to understand other cultures that are different from mine.

It boosts my learning curve about our society and gives way to making friends with fantastic people from different backgrounds.

I want to have more of it that’s why I keep moving, and I hope to see some of you along the way!

Maine’s Travel Chronincles

Schengen Visa for Filipinos
How to Apply at the Dutch Embassy in Makati For us, third world citizens, getting a visa to visit first world countries could be a tedious process. We hope, by simply searching the visa requirements via Google, we will instantly know what to do and what we need. But upon doing so, it turns out...
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A Perfect Day in Giethoorn
Expectations are almost always different from reality. It applies to nearly every aspect of life, especially during travels. I love fantasizing about the places I’m going to, months before the actual date of departure. I usually spend hours and hours wandering around the spots in my itinerary without moving away from my doorstep. My imagination...
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Maximize and Goodbyes: Tot Ziens, Philippines!
So how would you feel if you’ve learned that you have three months to live — in your home country? Relief. Ecstatic. Panic. I started listing all the things* I will miss! Spontaneous weekends with tantanmen ramen, movie theater evenings with sour cream double butter popcorn, salted caramel ice cream, double cheese milkshake, walnut crumble apple...
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4 Places in Sagada I’ll Never Ever Forget
“Happiness only real when shared” – Christopher McCandless Indeed. More so if you’re sharing that happiness with a group of jolliest people in one of the most beautiful places you know. I invite myself into a package tour (haha) as I really want to visit Sagada. No regrets. Why? Then continue reading this. 1. MARLBORO...
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Japan Visa for Freelancers – How to Apply
If you’re a freelancer and planning to visit Japan soon, it may be comforting to know that your requirements and chances aren’t really that different from an employed visa applicant. Although the news about visa-free pass to Japan that circulated few years ago wasn’t true, the Japanese government did announce that they were relaxing their...
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10 Ways to Explore and Capture Stunning Images of Tokyo for Free
If you think traveling to Japan is expensive, you are absolutely right. But can a backpacker on a tight budget hack the average travel spending in Tokyo? The answer is YES! Tokyo is one of my favourite cities. It’s a vibrant metropolis packed with hundreds of things to do for travelers and locals ranging from...
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The Ultimate Japanese Onsen Experience
If you fancy the idea of living like a royal in a historical Japanese era while enjoying a traditional hot spring bath… …then look no further than Takaragawa Onsen in Minakami. It was an experience that I fantasized about when I was planning my first trip to Japan in 2014, but due to limitations in...
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The Tropical Creature’s First Snow
For a warm-blooded mammal who has been been spoiled by sunshine and summer heat in a tropical archipelago, winter is a fairy tale. As a tropical creature, I’ve always wondered how it would feel to see a snowflake, to be surrounded by bright piles of solidified liquid from the sky, to watch all those tiny...
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To Topload from Banaue to Sagada? Think Twice!
Going ‘topload’, or riding at the top of a jeepney is a must-do experience when you’re traveling around Mountain Province. Sure there are thousands of jeepneys in the Philippines where you can go topload, but a thrilling local ride through dangerous roads along the edges of the mountains… with spectacular views of nature, cool breeze...
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