Silver Lining of a Fashion Disaster

I’m not really the fashionable type. If you catch me wearing some terrible #ootd picks and combinations, you can always blame my horrible taste in clothing and I wouldn’t have the guts to disagree with your harsh criticism because chances are, you’re right.

But there was a time when I badly needed a fashion police to arrest me for flaunting my colourful chaos inside a palace… yet this time, it wasn’t my fault. Phew!

I was responsible for the colourful top, aztec doll shoes, and the huge necklace… but not the polychromatic pants. It was mine alright, but on that day I was wearing a black leggings which I believe wasn’t so bad.

Right when I was ready to explore the golden temples, I was stopped at the gate. Apparently, the bottom tights are not allowed. And I thought I’ve done enough research to specifically avoid wearing shorts, flip flops, and sleeveless!

I had two options: first, borrow the general clothing that they offer to the uninformed visitors like me; and second, use the remaining clean pants that I put in my bag in case I will be in this situation.

Yes, I decided that the general clothing was a bad idea so put my multicolored pants on top of my leggings.

I was getting conscious about it, until I saw the vibrant getups of the mystical temple guardians. Between them, I was in perfect camouflage! I’ve never felt this fashionably superior in my whole life before. For once, I belong! 😉


Locale: Grand Palace, Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Year: 2013
snapshot 03