Fishing With a Shotgun

It was a simple structure made of bamboo poles lying on top of the lake. Its silhouette and reflection in the water accents the scenic view of a calm and peaceful dusk in a countryside.

For a moment, I wondered about its purpose. It must be for fishing, I thought. Maybe they tie fishnets in it for a more efficient way to catch fishes. That last part was wrong.

The next morning we saw few men walking around, each with a gun. They rode a bamboo raft to each pole and climbed up to the intersection and stayed there for couple of hours.

It was an alternative fishing technique where the fisherman stands few meters above to have the bird’s eye view of the lake so they could spot fishes moving underneath them. And the shotgun? It’s an improvised fishing equipment with a long string, much like a fishing rod, except they don’t need a bait. They simply shoot the fish and pull the string up to get the catch.

Locale: Batangas
Country: Philippines
Year: 2015
Snapshot 01